About Ternion Skate

James Spanton-Hopton is the creativity behind Ternion Skate. He is 14 years old and is following in his grandfather's footsteps. Born to be an entrepreneur, his desire to become an inventor has driven his mind and heart to create skateboards made in the USA. Quality, sustainability, and simple design for surfing the streets anywhere in the world. His dream with Ternion is to become the Van's of the skate, surf, and snow scene.

We are proud to create products that are handcrafted, shaped, and assembled in the USA. We are working hard to make sure every piece that is used on our custom boards, is made right here. Due to the superior functionality,  the only detail that is manufactured elsewhere is our Bones Reds Bearings.

We believe that when you create something, not only should it work; it should last.


"I had been watching videos on how to make skateboards, and wanted to try it myself. My very first skateboard was cut with my dad in his garage. He helped me learn how to use tools, sand, and taught me tricks to painting. Now, my Uncle helps me prep my boards and my mom helps bring out the creative side and the look and design of Ternion Skate. Her company Spanton Industries financially backs me. My first investor was my baseball coach. I am continually meeting cool entrepreneurs like Shark Wheels and Shredlights, and I can hear them cheering me on! My family is a big support and inspiration to my company."